Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What's Up ? Blog Hop 2!

So, what have you been doing the last month?  I can tell you what I have been doing. . .a lot of thinking about a lot of things.

We’ve been having many, many talks about many, many things in the B’Sue Build –A Line classroom.  How to price our items. . .what designers inspired us. . .how to look at designs for lines.

Some designers that inspire me are Miriam Haskell, Edgar Berebi, and the 1928 Jewelry Company—assorted Designers, I am certain.  Art Nouveau pieces—inspired in France and Eastern Europe.  Lalique. The light that shines through the plique a jour. . .how to simulate that using stampings.

A secret you must know about me, before we begin, is that I am a collector and purveyor of Vintage and Antique Costume Jewelry. I don’t covet the rhinestone bling as some do, but I am known to have some brilliant stones in clip earrings that I have worn to work and have been handed my mom’s D and E (Juliana) that she was given by her mother at Christmas which I will wear.  I more than appreciate a good deal only next to a phenomenal markup and sale at my end. I love the figurals.

I love the cagework on Haskell.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with cagework, it is wire work on a base that has holes all over it, or more recently, on filigree pieces.  If you type in cagework on B’Sue’s sight, it leads you to metal items often associated with cagework such as leaf grouping. 

There are 15 pages on the site that show filigree findings useable in cage work. 

How easy would it be to attach components such as flowers, leaves, birds to this in assemblage using wire? It’s actually the hunt for components like these that led me to B’Sue’s site and these wonderful groups that she supports in such a positive manner.

The Berebi pieces that I was first introduced to were the earrings.  It was the 1980’s.  Everything was big.  Big hair.  Big color.  BIG earrings.  Shoulder pads. Amazing.  And in and amongst it all was a designer for such an eclectic line that it stretched from earrings to broaches to accessories to mezuzahs.  As well as a little known Santa line which shows great whimsy. The 1928 pieces I love are the ones that are either figurals with acrylic or the silver plated cherubs.  One of the reasons I veer towards B’Sue’s silver plate is because of the high quality on it.  It reminds me of that set , which I have collected.

That being said, as we roll into the next blog hop, on Friday the 20th, which I am so excited about. . .I wanted to go ahead and invite you to join us.  Please make the time.  And leave us a bit of a note, would you?  Always good to hear what people think!


  1. Really interesting post. I need to do some research! Thanks . . .

    1. Miss Melissa. ..always good to see ypu on board.

  2. I just love your blog, because it feels awesome to be in the presence of those who love vintage jewels!! I love your artwork and I'm thrilled to be apart of this challenge with you Mary Katherine! Warm Regards Louise

  3. Thank you, Louise. It is good doing this and seeing all the new designs everyone has.