Friday, May 29, 2015

The Explanation

Well, I am finally at a place where I can display some of the line that has been completed and is now or will be online for sale. Please forgive the delay.  But, as earlier stated, I had my reasons. I am not sharing this to gain sympathy.  And I did not want to share during the class as the focus was the skill sets being explored and shared not on my health.  We all have something.  My something decided to take a flare and then a bad turn.  And then it was okay again.

As I was undergoing chemotherapy during this time, the last thing I was expecting was neuropathy in my hands. My hands have always been functional even when warning labels have warned against peripheral neuropathy.  My feet have previously taken the hits. Losing the strength in my hands has been been surprising and upsetting for me. I have a weakness in my hands and arms which I am just now overcoming with the help of acupuncture. My fine motor skills are coming back somewhat. My finger tips are still numb. My fingers do not bend as I would have them bend. That being said, I even twirled a forkful of spaghetti successfully the other night. My therapy is being a makerer.

So,hard headed me,  I am working towards my strengths--gluing, which I have not really explored--closing rings (I have graduate from using the ring opening ring to actually using pliers this very last week)--working with cutting metal (and the metal cutting scissors on B'Sue's site do cut like butter and I can use them successfully) and bending head pins in order to connect.  I can sometimes even hole punch if the piece is not super fine.  But I am here--still playing. . .still creating. . .and I am having a blast doing this.

My encouragement to you is to not quit.  It would have been easy to quit at the pieces I had made and just sit.  But the pictures in my head won't stop playing.  They demand physical representation so I must create as a way of uncluttering my idea filled brain.

Further down are my presented attempts at the line.  I would like you to look at them.  This weekend, I will post again with the new pieces. I want you to see how they have developed and changed.  And I want you to know who I am and that I do complete my work.