Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I AM ONE OF TWENTY! Excited about the B'Sue Masters Class January to March 2016

Yes, it's my second time through.  Yes, I got huge amounts out of the class last time.  BUT, in the middle of the class last time, due to chemotherapy, I lost any power I had in my hands.  I finished, but not on time.  This year, I have started in an entirely different way.  My mind in in a new place. And because of my experience last time, I am approaching the pieces I design in an entirely different way.

What appeals to me in making jewelry is the design components I can use.  But I set stupid boundaries instead of saying anything goes. I shut myself off as I want to use the old techniques of the masters. As there is no medication for this, I have to promise myself that I will play around with new thins at least once a month. So, I wanted to to play with the metal last time.  I wanted to bend and mold and curl it with tools.  And I am over that.  E 6000 may be a new friend.  When my niece hits California at Christmas, we will be using FIMO and she will be showing me how to bake it and make it.

What also appeals to me is the piece as an artistic creation.  That shows me I have a tendency to make one of a kinds.  Artistic anomalies.  Something no one else has.  But now, I need to look at fashion.  How can I present a line that is comprehensive yet diverse?  What colors do I want it to go towards for Spring?  I have yet to look at the Pantone colors which can be found here .

I am not thrilled with the trend predictions on these, but the Rose Quartz, Serenity (kind of Lavender Blue) and Limpet Shell (light teal) are interesting. I have a tendency towards wanting to go towards classic combinations in colors from the 40's.  My SO says "Sparkle. . .it needs to sparkle!"And he's right.  So we add sparkle that is not chintzy.

As I have only perused on Vogue magazine, and will wait until Thanksgiving to score a Vogue Italia at our local Barnes and Noble, I have already started thinking of this line to be more cohesive and directed towards wearable with trending clothing styles as well as with classics.  I have a tendency to build my wardrobe around classics or as my SO says "You dress like an old lady."  I much prefer classic, thank you!

So, my twenty sisters and brother from another mother, if he accepts the invitation, on we go for three months of play and growth. Face your fears.  Run to the roar!  You are gonna learn so much!