Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome to The Rose Sword's blog post on B'Sue's Blog Hop of Seeing things from a different perspective.

We had out choice of three different pieces to deconstruct and reconstruct in a new way.

I chose this piece:

At first I thought that I would use it to design a bracelet with as that was the obvious choice.  But I wasn't in love with that idea as so many people have done it before and they did it so  much better than I ever could.

So, I got my handy pair of cut metal like butter shears, available at B'Sues Boutique, and I started cutting.  

What I came up with looked a little like this. . . 

And as I am a person who was taught to use every part of the bird, I saved the middle bar piece as seen in the first picture to bend and use as a crown piece.

 Then I colored.  I wanted to mimic damascene . I colorized both pieces and decided on gigantic "Dynasty" earrings.

This was prior to the earrings being assembled.

My last stage was to add flat pearls, also from B'Sues and to use connectors as chain.  

The funny part is, I didn't know where this idea came from until I was walking into my classroom and looked at this mud stain by the door:


I hope you like this piece, from my viewpoint to a newer one.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you like or not!

Here's another shot of it: