Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blog Hop Three and what I have Learned

I had the right intentions, really, I did.  I am a person who is a completor.  I finish things. I get paid good money at work to do huge projects.  I always finish.

And I did not complete this

class.  The why is really not important.  It's wrapped up in reasons that have nothing to do with the class itself. I was a little off sync when some materials were not here. . .but that should not have thrown me off in this manner.

What is important to look at is what I have learned through this interaction with 55  other people.

Throughout this class we have had some good questions asked of us.  We were looking at building a line.  This is something I have given some real thought to for while.  Although the line I wanted to try dealt more with wire and citrine, I thought I would try a stampings based line that was floral and steamy. Right away we had a video about what was and was not steam.  I watched and convicted myself. . .watch gears do not make one a makerer.  What kind of phony was I?

So, I was stymied.I looked at some of the pieces revealed and some didn't use any of B Sue's pieces at all.  I thought that was a pre requisite.  And to be honest, that kind of rattled me.

So, what did I learn from this?  I am prolly more of a hobbyist that a person who is an artisan, although I love to be thought of as an artisan.  As such, I will prolly be connected to my one of a kinds more than ever.  A concept of a line for me will have to wait for me to gain more of the mad skillz possessed by my 55 sisters.

Was the class worth taking?  Yes, and  would take it again.  I learned a lot about my process and the process of others.  I learned about who I am now.  Thos things are priceless.

Thank you, Miss B Sue for the opportunity to learned this.